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Welcome to Maverick Cafè. Born 2b Unconventional.

When planning a trip, what do you expect to find when you arrive at your destination? Every suitcase holds an empty metaphorical corner to be filled with an indelible memory, because after all, this is the essence that drives one to close the door and leave. Today's tourist seeks memories, craves emotions and new experiences. He wants to satisfy his curiosity and wishes to have new stories to tell when he returns.

Maverick's aim has always been to find the key to interpreting the needsof high-end tourists, intercepting trends and, thanks to data analysis and field experience, becoming a tool that can create value for those who plan and offer unique and unusual trips. We are talking about destinations that are no longer just a destination, but a treasure chest of experiences and offers that enhance an area. And it is precisely for this reason that they must be monitored, developed by following the market that trespasses beyond the horizon thanks to an increasingly connected ease of movement in order to precisely intercept the tourist flows that one wishes to involve. And precisely for this reason, destinations, but above all the experiences within them, must be narrated.

Travelling is no longer just resting in exotic destinations or the more classic holiday. Travelling is a desire to be enriched by new sensations, to experience the unusual, to be amazed by sights that we can only truly appreciate through our own eyes. Travelling is a succession of scents, challenging oneself with activities that we would not dare to do at home.

Travelling is Living. It is not exploring, it is not taking a break from everyday life, but it is the continuation of a flow of emotions that we want to sensitise and amplify thanks to the experiences we find in destinations more or less far from home. Here Maverick, in this new guise, will be the narrator of our vision of the new Travellers, those who will impact the world of tourism. Thirsty for life, unique experiences and knowledge. We want to tell what goes beyond a tourist destination, we want to intertwine the history of the world and its products with a new flow of travellers who increasingly seek authenticity and genius loci once they arrive at their destination.

In Italy, but we can go as far as the entire Mediterranean basin, the story of tradition and culture is inseparable from a vision of hospitality that must be modelled according to new canons and following the tastes of new travellers. Tourism is undoubtedly one of the driving forces behind a regeneration that goes beyond the economy of a country, but results in giving new value to the people who inhabit these cities and territories.

Maverick is this, travelling out of the ordinary, without following the flow of the masses but researching and offering the uniqueness of each destination, drawing inspiration from the union of the work of the men of the past with those who work and live these territories today, interacting with the landscape, the products of the land, the knowledge that is handed down and given new form and function.

With this new series, we will recount experiences, we will try to convey the emotion that drives us to invest in a world that still knows how to amaze us, unleashing our curiosity and desire to create, connecting people from all over the world with a vision of an increasingly ethical and sophisticated tourism. Like who we think is the traveller of the future.


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