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The Warm Heart of the Volcano

Updated: Jun 24

The only hotel in Italy with two Michelin-starred restaurants stands on a volcano that emerges from the Mediterranean. The hotel has decided that now is the right time to reinvent itself on the events scene. We will talk about how it is planning its future and how the beauty of the region and the people’s enthusiasm make it an exceptional resource

It is an island that has retained all the wonder and magic of its sacred, ancient roots. You can breathe it in as soon as you arrive in the harbour, where a faint scent of sulphur reminds us that it was here that Hephaestus forged the weapons of the gods in the volcanic fire, while just a few minutes later, along the short path leading to Therasia Resort Sea & Spa, this smell gives way to the warm fragrance of broom and hibiscus. It is a crescendo of emotions until you reach the hotel.

Because right here, in Vulcanello, on the far northern tip, you can enjoy not only the most incredible view of the whole island, but one of the most beautiful in the entire Aeolian archipelago. In a single glance, you can take in the Faraglioni (stacks) of Lipari, like spires emerging from the water,

Stromboli and the entire Aeolian archipelago stretching out in front of you. These are lights, colours, moments that cannot be forgotten.

Warm and friendly

From the moment they arrive, guests at Therasia Resort are enchanted by this special place, a resort made up of terraces overlooking the sea, perfectly integrated with the beauty that surrounds them. Hotel manager Umberto Trani proudly tells us about it, an islander who is hospitable through tradition and perhaps fate. Born on Ischia, with a hotel manager in the family, Umberto embarked on his career in Sicily and now has a wonderful post on Vulcano. “Yes, maybe islands are in my DNA and living in a place like this is a wonderful adventure”, he says. “Warm and friendly is our motto. We are a Leading Hotels Of The World, accustomed to working with high-profile international guests, who greatly appreciate the choice of maintaining and leveraging on the qualities not only of nature, but also of the people of the south”.

Therasia means warm earth in Greek, and is a good fit with the warmth conveyed by the smiles of the staff (120 employees for 80 rooms and suites), the choice of Etna stone in its architecture, and the selection of ancient ceramics, puppets and moors that testify to its roots in popular culture.

It is care that also means months of work, during the closed season, to renovate and update the rooms and services each year. But that's not all. “There is an intense collaborative relationship with the staff also from a design viewpoint,” explains the manager. “We like to dream and work to make dreams come true.

One of our most beautiful dreams came true just last November, when Tenerumi, our vegetarian restaurant run by the young chef Davide Guidara, was awarded a Michelin Star, thus adding to the star already awarded to the Il Cappero restaurant, created by the gifted chef Giuseppe Biuso. To date, only four hotels in Europe can boast two starred restaurants.

The others are in Paris, Amsterdam and Monte Carlo. The fact that such an important accolade has been awarded to an establishment on a small island is for us a source of great pride and proof that work and passion can turn dreams into reality”.

The pleasure of sharing

Gastronomy is a remarkable experience at Therasia Resort, with all four restaurants offering classic and revisited dishes, many from the Sicilian tradition, based on ingredients mostly sourced from the hotel's own vegetable gardens.

A question of excellence, but also of sharing, explains Giuliana D'Angelo, Head of MICE and Communications. “During dinner, served on the lawn, the maitre d' sits down with the guests to tell them about the recipes, their history and the choices that guided them. The gastronomic experience also includes cocktail pairing, so for each course there is a cocktail designed by the bar manager. Just as with the dishes, the barman sits at the table with the guests and tells them about the ingredients and the pairing. It is no longer just a dinner, but a moment to remember”.

After working in fashion and with slow food, Giuliana joined the young team with which the management is planning the future of Therasia Resort.

“We want to introduce an attentive and demanding public to the endless possibilities that an event can offer here”, she says.

“Every corner lends itself to becoming a special and unique setting, every spot is scenic and can accommodate countless activities. These may be cooking courses or wine tasting organised inside, but also fascinating excursions to discover our region.

Many ask about climbing the large crater or visits to other islands: Stromboli and Panarea or the smaller Alicudi and Filicudi, where you can still meet people travelling by donkey in the midst of an unspoilt landscape.

But Vulcano itself has great surprises in store, which can be discovered by canoe trips to caves with sulphurous springs or rides through the area on pedal-assist bikes. In recent years, quad bike rides to higher altitudes to visit wine cellars have become very popular. Wines produced on volcanic soil have special bouquets and qualities that are meeting with growing success”.

In fact, the whole island is a volcano emerging from the Mediterranean and everything here seems to have a special flavour and scent. “I must say that the feedback from the guests of the events we host is rewarding”, Giuliana confirms. “80-90% have returned for a holiday of their own”.

This is not hard to believe. Not least because the journey to Vulcano is in itself part of this fascinating Sicilian adventure. From Catania airport, you skirt Mount Etna, which stays with you as far as Taormina and then, leaving Messina behind, you reach Milazzo, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. There, the hydrofoil sets sail to the island of Vulcano, the first and most southerly of the Aeolian Islands. Visiting the island is something you should do at least once in your lifetime.


Therasia Resort Sea & Spa

Vulcano – Aeolian Islands

Tel. +39 090 9852555

Events Manager, Giuliana D’Angelo

5-star luxury category

Leading Hotels Of The World

Open: 21/04/2023 – 15/10/2023


  • Spa

  • Infinity pool

  • Small saltwater pools

  • Gym

  • Beach club


  • Il Cappero – Michelin Star

  • I Tenerumi – Michelin Star

  • L’Arcipelago

  • I Grusoni

Restaurants & bars

  • Russuri bar & terrace

  • Faraglioni bar & terrace

Events spaces

  • 200 sqm conference room, the Garden House", with dimmable lighting and windows looking onto the sunset and the Faraglioni (stacks)

  • Events venue on the beach

  • Secluded terraces that can be customised with a choice of furnishings

Every spot is scenic


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